The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) is committed to engaging in meaningful and informed consultation and collaboration with tribal officials when developing new or amended policies, regulations, and legislative proposals that may have tribal implications.  Tribal consultation is a time for all tribal leaders to have their voices heard.  Federal representatives are responsible for strengthening the government-to-government relationship and; therefore, will be in attendance to listen to the voices of tribal leaders and understand the issues and needs of Indian Country.  Written and oral testimony will be recorded for the purpose of drafting a full report on the 2017 OVW Tribal Consultation.


Presenters of testimony will be introduced in the following order:

  1. tribally-elected leaders;and/or appointed leaders

  2. individuals who have provided an official letter from a tribally-elected and/or appointed leader to present on their behalf; followed by,

  3.  a listening session to be held for other leaders from within Indian Country who represent American Indians and Alaska Natives


In response to comments received through prior consultation with tribal leaders, OVW is expanding the 2017 tribal consultation to include an additional half day, so that the consultation will take place from October 3 (full day) to October 4 (half day).  We want to hear from all who wish to present testimony and have heard concerns that individuals presenting later in the day have not had enough time to testify at past consultations.

In addition to extending the consultation, we also are considering limiting the time allotted for individual oral testimony.  The time allotted would depend upon the number of requests that are received, and there would be no limit on the length of written submissions.  To be mindful and respectful of everyone who wishes to present testimony during the 1 ½ days of consultation, we would do our best to keep presenters on time, including providing friendly reminders.  Presenters of testimony also would be able to provide additional oral remarks, if there were time remaining on the second half day.


We welcome comments on this proposed approach to ensuring that consultation is an honoring and respectful event for all attendees, including comments on the specific amount of time (e.g. 15 minutes) that would be appropriate. Comments may be submitted by clicking here.